Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Good Day

11 January 2017

Spent the day riding and taking pictures of landscapes and water ways. Was surprisingly warm. I got back just in time for a coffee break.

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Creature Comforts

10 January 2017

It's a beach running down the roads and not having all the creature comforts. Now I can run my Cappuccino machine while charging my Mobile X-box.


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Precise machernery

09 January 2017
Hammering down the road today and slowed to a stop in a turn lane. Smoke started coming up around me along with the smell of burning oil. Made it back to the house to find an oil weep. Not enough to be more than an annoyance, but still. Now to deal with that instead of riding in this warm snap.

Bert the "Oneth"... a highly crafted and very precise sleeping machine.

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Comfortable food

08 January 2017

Cuban style chicken. Not hard to make once you get the spices figured out. Cheap and very comfortable on cooler days.

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Late night snackin for fun and profit.

5 January 2017

 Got hungry late last night (or early this morning) I came up with this and it really hit the spot.


*Heavily Buttered.
*Late night.
*All encompassing.
*Non Vegan

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Fish watch out

04 January 2017
While being forced to go at a slower pace I started dabbling in making fishing lures. It's getting to be kind of fun. Seeing what kind of butt ugly design you can come up with that might actually attract a fish.
Cheap, effective on creeks and small holes of water.    
 ( Fisheez just love em) LOL

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03 January 2017

 Rio Vista park is a great place to kill a little time. Fishing, swimming, with a falls that churn the water enough folks play with kayak's

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